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LMBDW - You may be thinking what does "LMBDW" actually mean! Before i tell you, i'll explain a little...

Once upon a time the founder of ShowPo gathered together with some friends to discuss the challenges in business. There was food, drinks, laughter & tears but what they did not realise was that they had embarked on a movement for women in business.

Years later - Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine still gather, the difference is that now there are over 100,000 members on Facebook alone. That's over 100K other entrepreneurs who discuss business, industry, trends, challenges, and insight just to name a few.

On Tuesday the 9th of April we gathered together at the ShowPo HQ in Sydney to celebrate the 100K milestone. It was truly an inspirational evening & i was personally touched.

The Hunger Project were there to raise awareness & funds for women in less fortunate countries, who wish to obtain a microloan to support a new business. Essentially this is to provide for their families, and give a sense of achievement. Alot of the women don't have literacy, so this is often the first step.

Carly Rose Weddings & Events provided the Hot Pink Peonie Wall for the evening which was an absolute hit! A donation was also made which will provide a woman in Malawi East Africa, a microloan to initiate her business journey.

I recommend any like minded business owner to join the group & enjoy the benefits of a community so wealthy in knowledge, as there's alot to learn!

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