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Most popular month to propose!

Did you know that December is the highest month for proposals? Think about it - Guys have been saving all year, girls are just hoping that he'll drop a knee on their holiday, everyone is off work & feeling merry! The 3 most popular dates are Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve! It really is the perfect time of the year to get engaged!

10 x Things to consider!

1 - What will the weather be like?

2 - What location would you like to propose?

3 - Will you make a picnic or organise food & drinks?

4 - Who will take the proposal and just engaged photo?

5 - Do you want friends & family there?

6 - Will she want to be alone with you?

7 - Do you want a sign, balloons, and roses?

8 - Do you need Carly Rose to set everything up?

9 - Do you want to plan something for afterwards?

10 - Most above all - Ensure her nails are done!!!

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