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Steam Punk Bridal Shoot

This Steam Punk styled shoot was the brainchild of rad photographer Samantha Halpern from Jetty Blue Photography. We were beyond excited when she approached Different Weddings to be the first to share and run the images. Enjoy!

Samantha’s Vision:

So, the inspiration for this is very simple – I’ve been shooting weddings for 20 years or so and in that time, it’s been a case of “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” I’ve been very disheartened at the lack of visual aesthetic variety, photographic quality (aka shooter skill) and creativity being displayed in bridal magazines and blogs. After being told time after time that my look “doesn’t suit our style, but thanks anyway”, I decided enough is enough! So, I got off my butt and arranged my own shoot with my own vision and my own aesthetic and if anyone doesn’t like it, well that’s their loss.

This is where we said ‘welcome to Different Weddings’ this shoot couldn’t be more true to our brand and portal. We fell in love with Samantha’s images as soon as we saw them. Yes, it’s not for everyone, but it’s perfect for us at Different Weddings!

Samantha chose Steampunk because it is a sub-culture she knew nothing about. Visually it excited her and after having done quite a bit of research, it appeared the genre is gaining traction in the wedding scene. She initially got together with her good friend Carly from Carly Rose styling and talked through her ideas – she loved them immediately! Then Maria from Vellos bridal fell in love with the idea and crafted three gowns exclusively for this shoot. Once I Samantha put the word out, there were loads of vendors just bursting to be involved.

Veteran milliner Christine’s Millinery came all the way from Katoomba with her gorgeous creations. Samantha’s good friend Lillian Lyon came along as their celebrant and Gardens on Forest were very accommodating. She gave all the vendors free reign creatively to give them the opportunity to do what they rarely had a chance to do at a real wedding – be out of the box creative! Knowing that they could do whatever they liked, doing the things they knew a bride would never ask for, meant they could all really have some fun. And they did!

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